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Taoist Tai Chi Society of Aruba


A Center for the Taoist Tai Chi Society Aruba

On Tuesday, July 12, 2011, the deed was signed for the purchase of a Center for the Taoist Tai Chi Society Aruba, a former residence at Stadionweg 13, located in Oranjestad, capital of Aruba. Having our own facility to practice Taoist Tai Chi® internal arts of health is a wish of many years finally realized. At five in the afternoon we got together at the house to celebrate this happy event and did our first set.

The house must undergo extensive remodeling to be functional as a Taoist Tai Chi Centre.

We hope to celebrate the Grand Opening in the course of 2012. In the meanwhile we will gradually start organizing more and more activities at the newly acquired Center.


Want more info about our new centre? if so, please visit www.taoist.org



The weekend of March 26 and 27, 2011 will be filled with activities.


On Saturday March 26 at 6.30 a.m. we start with Nature Tai Chi at Ayo Rock Formation.

At 7.30 a.m. we will have breakfast at Club Caiquetio. Breakfast will be available for f. 5,- and will consist of fruit, boiled eggs, sandwiches with cheese and cold cuts, coffee or tea.

At 8.30 we will start a 45-minute introduction of the continuing class to the beginners who are finishing their 3-month cycle of classes. Simultaneously a group of participants will go to our office which for the occasion will be converted in a theater and watch videos and pictures of the 40th anniversary celebration in Canada and Aruba, the October workshop and recent activities. After 45 minutes the two groups will switch.

At 10.30 we will all come together to clean up and finish the morning with a set.


On Sunday March 27 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. we will have our annual Fundraising Coffee morning and flea market at Club Caiquetio. Tickets for the Coffee Morning are available with members and sell at

 f. 3,-. With the ticket you will get coffee, tea or juice and a slice of cake or a cupcake.

Different kinds of soup and snacks will be for sale and at the flea market there will be books, magazines, plants, household items, etc. for sale at very good prices.

We will have several demos and offer the opportunity to register for the new classes starting the first week of April.

The weekend stay at Camacuri Apartments will be raffled at the end of the Coffee morning. A few tickets at f. 10,-  are still for sale with members. During the activity we will also have a raffle of a beautiful art work. Tickets for this raffle will be f. 5,-.

Make sure not to miss this fun packed weekend!! BE THERE!!



International Awareness Day FC_pine_and_AD_scroll.jpg

Aruba celebrates 40th anniversary of the Taoist Tai Chi society

and Awareness Day on August 14, 2010

Aruba celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Taoist Tai Chi Society and Awareness Day on Saturday, August 14, 2010 in Club Caiquetio in Paradera.  It was a lively morning with members receiving family, friends, acquaintances and special guests with refreshments, all made and donated by members themselves.


 The Governor of Aruba, a very special friend and supporter of the Taoist Tai Chi Society Aruba was unable to come but instead sent a large flower arrangement as a gift.  This generous gesture from his Excellency Governor Fredis Refunjol, was highly appreciated by all in attendance.  The Minister of Sports and Health, Dr. Richard Visser, addressed the audience with a speech appreciative of the benefits of Taoist Tai Chi® internal arts of health.  He highlighted his support of Tai Chi as an internal art that helps its practitioners to heal their bodies themselves.  As a token of his support, he signed up as a new member. 

At exactly 10 a.m., all members did the set to synchronize with the worldwide timing of moving together in harmony. Guests who witnessed the set were quite taken by the sense of calm and restfulness they experienced just by watching the set being done.



Successful fundraising event

On Sunday March 28, 2010, the Society organized a coffee morning and flea market at Club Caiquetio in Paradera.

The preparations got under way on Saturday morning. The set up crew controlled everything needed on Sunday and reviewed the set up chart for a last time. A few members very efficiently selected items to be sold for 1, 2, 5 or 10 florins at the flea market. All these items were donated by members.

Early on Sunday morning members who volunteered to set up changed the training room in no time in a market with booths for cake, books, plants, glass beads, household items and information.

At 10 a.m. visitors started streaming in. All were greeted at the door and explained the set up inside. People moved around smoothly and in a very relaxed ambiance. Sales went very well. Many had a look at the slide shows with pictures from previous activities and the freshly shot video for the 40th anniversary.

After looking and buying inside, visitors moved to the patio to have coffee, tea or juice and watch demos of Taoist Tai Chi ® internal arts of health, foundation exercises, sword and sitting Tai Chi. 

At about 1 p.m. most visitors had left after being thanked and wished well at the door. Again in no time everything was cleared and cleaned, so that the Monday morning class could continue as usual.

On Monday evening the financial result was announced. 3,910,- florins (2,175,- US $) were collected including the t-shirt raffle, the printer raffle, the spontaneous cake raffle and the sales of the glass beads made and donated by a members’ wife. The t-shirt from Great Britain and printer were also donated by members. Of the money collected $ 500 were pledged to help the International Taoist Tai Chi Society rebuild schools in Haiti.

Congratulations to the organizing committee and a heartfelt thank you to all who made this fundraising event a big success. Another step in realizing our dream of having our own Centre!



Visit to Mr. F. Refunjol, Governor of Aruba

On Thursday April 16, 2009, four board members of the Taoist Tai Chi Society Aruba paid a visit to His Excellency the Governor of Aruba, Mr. F. Refunjol, representative of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. Taoist Tai Chi Society Aruba requested to be received by the Governor in connection with the celebration of its 10th anniversary. The board members informed the Governor on the vision of Master Moy, the aims and objectives of the Taoist Tai Chi Society he founded, and the activities of the Aruban Society to comply with these aims and objectives. The board members offered the Governor a 10th Anniversary t-shirt and invited him for the official celebration at the end of November 2009.


Oldest member has her 90th birthday

On Thursday October 30, 2008 the oldest member of TTCSA, Mrs. Dorothy Chamberlain, had her 90th birthday. Dorothy, who is a longtime Aruban resident, was born in New York City. She became a member of TTCSA in January 2007, at the age of 88, and since then practices twice a week. Very often a fellow member drives her to classes but, if need be, she takes her car and drives herself. In January of this year Dorothy had a very bad fall and broke her hip and arm. Much to the surprise of everybody, even her doctor, she was up and around in no time. While in hospital she practiced the foundation exercises and told everybody who wanted to hear it that this is Tai Chi.
We very much respect Dorothy’s joy in life and her tremendous sense of humor. We wish that she may enjoy practicing Tai Chi for years to come.

The picture was taken on Dorothy’s birthday with her sitting in the middle, surrounded by the fellow members from San Nicolas.